Google Docs App Reviews

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Works ok

The problem I’m going to outline seems to be a problem that takes place in Gmail as well. A lot of the time, if I place the cursor in the middle of a paragraph of text I’ll start typing and it will randomly jump to the end of the document. This is especially frustrating when I’m making corrections to spelling errors and various other typos. I’ll put the cursor in the spot I want to start deleting I’ll press backspace in rapid succession eight or nine times (depending on the length of the word I would like to delete, and the next thing you know it’s deleted what I had written that the very end of the page as opposed to the portion of the page that I meant to delete. Seeing the editing written text is a large part of writing text, I’m actively looking at finding another document editor. I’ve already switch my email client from Gmail.

Great and free

It does what I need, it updates any changes immediately to all that have the same document, it’s great and free. Awesome app

School and Home

I use google docs for school work and for personal work and its perfect. I dont know of another app that works this well. I have had it for as long as I can remember and it has always proven to be the best.

I really loved this, but...

This was my go to app on my tablet for writing, but after the past couple updates, the lag time between typing and the words coming out of the screen is so bad it’s killing my flow. Please, PLEASE, fix this.

Works as expected

It’s a life saver when it comes to working offline. It works well, it hasn’t frozen nor crashed on me yet, and it is easy to access. My only complaint is that moving files to other folders is somewhat annoying since it isn’t a simple drag and drop nor can it be done by clicking on said document. Not to mention when you create a new doc it doesn’t save it to any folder so I’ll need to move it.

Bring passcode lock back

They just removed passcode lock altogether... Wish it was still an option for individual documents

Often doesn’t load my documents

It’s good for school work but it rarely loads my documents

Very good. Excellent alternative to other options

I’ve found google docs to be a very universal, and capable means of typing out various essays and whatnot. It possesses all the features that you’d ever need in a document typing platform. It supports plugins, can convert what you’ve typed to other file forms, and so on. Receives a very well earned 5 stars

Works good for me

No complaints about the app. Not sure about the PDFs though. I sent a document as a PDF and it seems to be frozen.

Love this app

This app makes it so easy for me to get my work done quick. I dont need to wait till I get home to do my essays and such, I would sit down and just type while on the go. Very convenient.

Passcode Lock Removed

I no longer love this app cuz they remove the Passcode Lock and Touch ID. Now anyone that barrows your phone can get access to your Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Its great!!

So thankful for this app and all Google gives us. ♥️

Ok but not good enough

A little glitchy on iOS because of typing. Also there is a secret emoji.


good to get hw done when you arent at home

I love google docs

It allows me to type up my notes for classes any time and I can make any revision and update. It saves the information automatically, I don’t have to wait until I get home to update my notes for any class. I type the information of my iPad and when I get home save it on the laptop at home. I love that when doing a project with some of my classmates, we can all talk on the phone and make changes while discussing the topic at hand and you can see the changes and who is typing.

Es genial!

Normalmente no uso este programa en mi lap (por costumbre)hasta que tuve la necesidad de trabajar en mi iPad e incluso iPhone y poder tener acceso al mismo documento desde donde sea... quizá haya algunas limitantes dependiendo del equipo en donde trabaje pero finalmente regreso a mi lap y ahí termino de afinar mis documentos... recomendadisimo.

Good for the most part

Google docs is a fantastic website to use to get work done. It auto saves, allows collaboration, and has so many other features. The app, however, lags so much when typing that you can type a sentence or phrase and reasonably expect to wait another 10+ seconds before it finishes typing. And this is on a doc with only one person on it. Imagine the frustration when multiple people are on it! And if you think it’s done typing and go to fix an error earlier in the sentence, it will continue typing in the middle of the sentence (even though you finished typing several seconds prior). Another problem with it is the inability to copy and paste MLA citations in it. If I’m working on an essay and need to make a bibliography, I’ll copy the formatted citation from an online citation maker, paste it into google docs, then have to manually readjust the spacing to make it correct. While you can just paste it into Word and go, you can’t with google docs, which is frustrating, especially when you’ve got 15 sources to format manually. (This is a problem with the website on a computer, too.)

Awesome App

I’ve been using this app for several years now and I love it easy to operate easy to export highly recommend it!

Best Document Editing App

Updating my resume and sharing it with prospect employers has never been this easy. Awesome app for editing and sharing documents! Highly recommended!

Useless on iPad

There is no feature for adjusting margins on the mobile app?!? This makes this app completely useless for mobile. If I need to go to my computer to edit a document, why would I need it here on my iPad? I can just create and edit documents on my laptop on Microsoft Word, a far superior app for document creation and editing. I already use Google Drive so I can continue just uploading Word documents. Very silly.

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