Google Docs App Reviews

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Great app across multiple devices

A great word replacement app that is flexible across all devices. Easy to use and overall very flexible. Would rate 5 stars if it had some additional functionality in formatting and image insertion. Overall though, very good.

Lost all of the work I had

Im not sure what function caused this to happen but somehow between me updating my password and opening a document on my laptop instead of my phone lead to me losing all of my notes written in a file. Couldve been my mistake somehow but I think Id remember deleting everything Id been writing for two weeks.

Great Resource for Collaboration

Using this for the first time to support two online courses. Excellent way to collaborate with classmates on projects and get feedback from instructors. Best of all, it is free!

Excellent app, two stars off for lack of updates/improvements

Google has an excellent app here, but Ive taken off to stars because they so rarely update it or make useful improvements that are required.

Most awesome app

Its such a great app to do your work on

Not very good

Half the time I try to save files and it just doesn’t work. It keeps older versions of the files and deletes my new data. If I try to copy a file to use it as a template, it almost always saves the old version and won’t let me save the new data. Sometimes, it doesn’t even let me make a copy at all. I can’t save things as a google docs file. It just sits there trying to save for eternity. It has all of the things you would want in a phone word processing app, except none of those things actually work.

Pretty good

I mean its better than word.

Love It

I absolutely love the option that I can work on documents, from about any device I can type on. The collaboration between colleagues, friends and family is fantastic, as all can update the document at the same time, so you always see changes in realtime. No more e-mailing documents between users and manually have to update changes.

Google docs

I love the site cause its good to use at school and other activities so I would rate this 5 stars cause Im doing an assignment right now and Im using google docs right now

Joed colon

This is the best app for school no more to say

Wow wow Amazingly superb

I have much respect for Google. Never try making Google look lazy. Google works hard for people of all nations

I use it all the time

The fact that I can access all my documents on any computer is amazing. As a student I use it for everything



Love it

My app of choice for word processing on my mobile device. Id like to see more templates and charts.

Google Docs ?

Very useful easy to use I would recommend it highly.


Google drive really helps me with my school work and keeping things organized. I love it


I can do it offline with comes in handy. Downside is not knowing how to use all of the features it offers. I cant use tab or indent in certain ways.


I really like using this app because it helps me with ally my work and it does what I want. I can complete work and just hit that turn button and its supper easy thats why I give it a five rating star.

Slower than a turtle

This app is so slow on iPad. Format is weird and unfit.

I love this app

The freedom that this app gave to me is just amazing. I can work from everywhere, share my thoughts and ideas with the team. When I have ideas in the middle of the night, just grab the phone, make notes on google docs and just open in my computer next morning at the office. Google: I love you!

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