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This app helps me 100% I love it SUPER APP

Google docs

Es lo mejor. Puedo hacer cambios y ver los comentarios de mis compañeros de clase. Así, uno puede sacar calificaciones buenas.

I love google

All of it, especially Docs!

Better then MS Word!

••••• by chayim I was using MS Word, which albeit is far more advanced, but all those extra do-dads were getting in the way of what I need: a streamlined word processor that I could use out of the box!


‘‘Tis pretty moist

Great for writing outlines on the phone

Great for writing outlines on phone.

Google docs

I’m a 13 year old boy who goes to school and i use google docs to white everything in class i find it absolutely fantastic

Great app, asked for a review

Asked for a review, auto 1-star

Very good

I use it in school a lot quand on paler français (when we speak French) and it is really good. ?


Works perfectly on computer+IPad. ???

Google is Anti-Christian

Google celebrates every holiday besides the ones that Christians celebrate. They go crazy for ramadan but nothing for Easter or Christmas. I will never use your services again. From now on, I will be using DuckDuckGo as my search engine. This is what you get for alienating many of your users.

Great format

Are use it with my online lessons.

I love it

It is extremely helpful with organization and is much more reliable then a jump drive.

Excellent but could be improved

I love this app. It lets me take notes and organize documents that need to be shared. I use it all the time. However, i do wish It had some other features. As an editor for a web novel, I often use the “make suggestions” feature. It would be so much easier and smoother to use if it didn’t have to be in print view. It’s fine on the desktop, but if I’m unable to use my computer and have time to kill with editing, I wish it was possible to do the suggestions from standard app view. It also makes the suggestions really unwieldy in app view when trying to review them from the author’s standpoint.


This app is very convenient.

Not enough tools available for IPad

- I need the drawing option to take notes with my apple pen, but the docs app on ipad doesn’t have that drawing option. - Also, all of the mathematical equations added when using docs on my laptop, disappear when I open the same docs on Ipad. Please fix these 2 things. Thank you

Worst app ever

Takes a lot of time out of classwork just to get a perfect doc. Why not just switch to windows, google needs an upgrade.




I love this app!

Not great, but functional?

Its good for storage. I cant deny that. But editing is a pain; if youre in the middle of typing a word and make a mistake (IE: typing the wrong letter), and it thinks the misspelled word ought to be autocorrected, pressing delete to fix your mistake will replace the word– sometimes all of it, sometimes just part– with the word that autocorrect thinks it should be. This is an ABSOLUTE pain.

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