Google Docs App Reviews

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Solid but slow

Runs agonizingly slow with any document of substantial length.

Google docs

Amazing let’s me do my work

Super easy to use!

When I went back to school two years ago and attempted to write my assignments using Word and it was awful. My teenage sister in high school was the one who told me about Google Docs and it was the greatest thing she’s ever shared with me! It’s so easy to use and I now use it for everything school and work related. I highly recommend it for anyone needing a program to write any type of document.

Best thing since sliced bread.

Docs have been super convenient and I’m grateful. Keep those updates rolling in, por favor! ??

I depend on it!

Makes my job so much easier. work across platform and sharing with others is such a breeze. Google is so impressive


It works pretty good it annoys me sometimes when I’m trying to click something and sometimes it crashes or it just won’t click

Love it!

I’ve been using this app for all my schoolwork in the past couple of years. It offers a ton of different things you can use to write papers. I also really like Google forms, slides and sheets.

Very useful

I have used google docs in my former PC days and now on my Mac. That it is also available on my iPhone-so much the better. I not only store and add to docs in the cloud but also share the docs with specified contacts.

Really liked it

I really liked this app, works really well and saves on its own. I love how easy it is to start a new document and edit it. I would definitely recommend this to other people.


I love this app. I prefer it over the other word program. Ive never experienced a crash.

An Amazingly Productive & Efficient Tool

I’ve been using Google Docs for what feels like forever. It has been a staple in my business life. For one, you don’t have to purchase it like Microsoft Word. Two, it saves automatically. You never have to worry if you forgot to save it or it won’t be updated if something goes wrong. Third, you can share it with others to view, comment and collaborate. The edits that are made can be seen in real time or you can review at a later time. You can access the documents on any device. Google Docs has been such a big part of my life and it is not going anywhere any time soon. I highly recommend you give it a try.

Very helpful

I was looking for a quick way to write up docs. Without having to haul out the laptop and the big program for a simple doc. This program is great, I open it on my iPhone type the doc out, send it to my printer and its done!!!! Simple and easy. Has options for text sizes, color, bold, cross outs, paragraphs. And more. Everything you would want on a reg. Docs program.


I like the app, but I wish it was formatted as it was on the computer. It’s kind of frustrating to type on a phone in general, but even more so when the laptop and phone formats are different. But overall, it’s pretty good. I would recommend it. It’s great for when you need to finish an assignment in the go.

Love this app

I’ve used this app for school and other things. It’s held all of my papers and important documents. One complaint I have is when you edit projects on your phone, the typing is very tedious and difficult. It’s very hard to edit papers on the iPhone but effortless on a computer. Would recommend to colleagues and students seeking a good editorial app. Love this app.

On the whole

The application itself generally speaking is easy to use and is rather interactive. There are some improvements that could be made to make it even simpler such as updating documents that you already have with in the drive. Overall I would recommend.

Practically perfect app

I’m a songwriter and I work from Google Docs. It is excellent. It does everything I want and more. Bravo, Google! Sure your blatant and (in my opinion) illegal refusal to enforce basic copyright protection on YouTube is choking the life out of songwriters, but this app is excellent!

Ordered Life

Google Docs is one of the best tools for personal and business productivity. If it weren’t for Docs then nothing would be remotely organized. Great job on this Google. Now, don’t discontinue it, change the name or anything that would take the function away. Remember, if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!

Awesome app!

I am collabing a story with 4 other people and another friend as an editor. This is a great app because you can work on a document with another person at the same time. Great job google! You are the best.

Google Docs is legit

It is actually really good for writers and stuff... I love it.

i hate this app

every time i copy and paste or select words it freezes or doesnt work.

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